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A Little Bit of Construction...
    Site preparation for a room addition to our home began on March 6.  Week two began on March 14.  The pictures show some of the things going on...

Breaking up the patio

     Site preparation began on Thursday, March 6.  One of the first things to do was to demolish the concrete patio.

Pouring the footers

    After digging, the footers were poured with the use of a loader, since the concrete truck couldn't navigate to the rear of the house.

Only one row to go

    Laying of concrete blocks was completed on Tuesday.

gravel was brought by loader

    Since trucks could not navigate to the rear of the house, gravel and supplies were brought by loader.

Removing bricks

    On Thursday, bricks were removed where the wall will come out to open into the new room.

Smoothing the concrete

     After the concrete was poured, it was leveled and let to set for a while.  Then when it harded, it was smoothed by machine... with the patio given a broom finish.

Nothing left but snow and mud

     By Friday morning, there was nothing left except snow and mud.

Concrete blocks arrive

     The concrete blocks for the foundation arrived Monday morning.

Heating pipes were installed

    With the foundation in, the area was ready for heat pipes.

Last load of gravel

    The gravel was nearly leveled before the final load was dumped.

From concrete truck to loader

     Friday (March 14) was pour concrete day.  Concrete was brought to the site by loader.

Repairing ruts in the lawn

     The only access to the rear of the property was to the right of the house.  After materials were hauled in and debris removed, crews repaired damage to the lawn.

Digging for footers

    Digging for footers began Friday morning.

Doing some precise measuring

    Some measuring was done to locate where windows and doors would go.

The area is ready for gravel

     After installing the heating pipes, the area was leveled for gravel.

Trenching for utilities

     After digging a trench for drainage, a trench was dug to place cable TV and telephone lines.

Concrete is dumped into wheelbarrows

     The concrete was then dumped into wheelbarrows and then spread over the area.

"Doing what we do best"

    Donnie McCurdy joins other members of his crew for lunch.  They usually were found sitting next to the garage doing, "What we do best."


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